How to Start a Blog – The Complete Step by Step Guide

a professional bloggerHi! I’m Luke Webber and the owner of web development and online marketing business Drawing on my 10+ years experience in the online industry, I have created this free, 12 step guide to how to start a blog, that even a 12 year old could follow! Simply do the steps below and you will be in the blogosphere in no time! With this guide you can literally set up a high quality blog in less than a day.

There are many different blog platforms that you could use to start a blog but, if you are serious about blogging (and why wouldn’t you be), you will want one that is search engine friendly as well as easy to use. For this reason, WordPress is the number one blogging platform in the world and this is what we are going to use. I normally charge from $1,500 and up, to design and build blogs, but if you follow the simple steps below you can be well on your way and all it will cost is the price of your domain name (for a .com about $9 per year and for Australian domain names,, about $24 every 2 years) and website hosting (about $5 per month).

Some of the steps in this guide to how to start a blog are specific to using the domain name and hosting I outline in steps 1 to 3. You can definitely still use this guide, to build a blog, using other domain registrars and hosting, but to make things super easy to follow I recommend buying your domain and hosting with the companies I have outlined. I recommend these companies not only to make this guide easy to follow but because I use them myself and have found them reliable, secure and cost effective.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to help where I can.

Let’s start making a blog!


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by Luke Webber